How to Get into an “Elite” College? College Admissions Essay and Tips!

ivy league college admissions

Trends in college Admission

  • Number of Application Has Increased Dramatically, While Seats Have Remain Unchanged
  • Global Competition
  • Students Applying to More Schools

Key Factors in College Admission

Public vs. Private


  • Score/GPA Driven
  • Residency Matters
  • Not Much Weight in Extra-Curricular Activities/Essays
  • Recommendations Letter Does Not Play a Role


  • 360 Degree Look at Student
  • GPA/Class Rank
  • Numbers of AP Course Taken(% of Course Taken)
  • SAT I Reasoning Test Scores
  • SAT II Subject Test Scores
  • TOEFL Scores
  • Extracurricular Activities

How to Get an Edge

  • Planning, Planning, Planning
  • Understanding the Important Element if an Application
  • Giving Yourself Enough Time to Prepare, e.g. SAT/ACT
  • Extracurricular Activities(Picking a Few Important Meaningful Ones as Opposed to Resume Building)
  • Elite Summer School

Strategy Tips

  • Best Advice: Apply Early Decision/ Early Action
  • Recommendation: Getting Someone Who Can Write a Really Good Letter
  • Writing Thoughtful Essays (What’s a Good Essay?)
  • Special Talent, e.g. Sports/Music

Other Important Issue

  • Strengths and Weakness of Being a Student at an International School
  • How to Leverage Your Strengths and Improve Your Weakness


  • Do Campus Visits Help?
  • Does It Help If I Get an “Important” Person to Write My Rec?
  • I Am in 20 Different Clubs, Can I Get in?
  • How Can Parents Help?


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