How to readjust to campus life after the Covid-19 pandemic?


The last few months have been a tough time for both current and future college students. With the world economy opening for the best, the student community has been left hanging in mid-air with an irregularity of higher education. After ultimately moving to online learning last spring, many universities have announced their plans for the upcoming fall semester, which has caused a panic amongst the student populace.




This year, many institutions have decided to invite their students back into their universities. With a promising future outlook in 2021 and rapid vaccination drives being followed, many international education providers such as the UK, Australia, Canada, and the US have given out their MOUs to replenish their empty classrooms once again. While the decision couldn’t be any better, many students have come forward regarding personal concerns related to adjustments to the “New” normal.


This year, we have received hundreds of emails regarding the new updates/ changes of university education after the outbreak. To help our readers out, we have collected a series of some common questions and have answered them to deliver aid to you and your friends. Continue reading our article and find out the common problems during readjusting to campus life after the Covid-19 pandemic.


Simple remedies while readjusting to campus life after the pandemic


●What to do when feeling a little different or awkward?


One of the most common problems that arose during the pandemic is the practice of 1-on-1 conversation. During the early days, communication didn’t feel abnormal. But as the new normal took place, many students reported hesitation or slower pace in their communication skills. That’s why it is vital to feeling similar as everyone around you would have felt the same and can effectively remove it with due course of time.



Furthermore, try putting yourself back into your learning shoes and start practicing soft skills back at home. Though this may sound stupendous or fooling around, many of our readers have shared that having some spare time had helped them recover from their weak points. As well as anyone can be, going for one or two things to sharpen them better wouldn’t bring any harm, don’t you agree?


●Should you be concerned about the place you live?


With over one year being down, many students have expressed an upgrade in their student housing services. And it is perfectly normal! Students visiting many UK colleges are bound to check their place before signing their leases for the next semester. Proper sanitization, effective hygiene, and adequate precautions have become the new requirements for many students.


Besides, many new agendas that safeguard the security of students have also become a new norm amongst the students. For starters, many students now aspire to efficient security measures and spatial rooms while looking for a place to stay. Despite the pressure of high charges of rents, a large flock of students is prone to choose safety and comfort over spendings for their stay.


●How to adapt to such a transition?


Many students also felt different due to a transition experienced in a short period. From spending hours outside and away from bed to giving your sofa or couch ample time, every student has suffered from what researchers are now calling the “Lockdown Fatigue”. As many have reported feeling less competitive or fully exhausted in a short time, others telltale their experience of having less focus and irregular work ethic.


A primary solution for such a problem lies in its entirety. Many new studies have shown that students who aim to cope after the pandemic’s contemporary living quickly jump over the fast-paced life. On the other hand, students must realize that having regular intervals of continuity of studies or work can leave greater productivity and enhance their efficiency for the long run.


●Does the idea “Is college still worth it” popping up?


With the upliftment of online study, the education model has shapeshifted 180-degrees that nobody would have thought of. From physical teaching to video-chat discussions, students have adapted to such practices to realize a secondary nature of learning. But despite this rise, many students still feel a vacant space of face-to-face education and experience, which is as satisfactory as online studies.




Interestingly, many renowned universities such as University of Oxford, Imperial College London, and their peers have started giving transferable courses that can be changed from numerous city colleges onto their administration. This way, students can make a smooth transition when feeling low-point during one period and integrate productivity into their physical education model.


●What to expect if you’re an incoming freshman?


Those who are in their freshman year can start by making a suitable timetable as per their online classes. This will help them schedule their tasks according to their slots but will keep up to their leisure time as well. Students can also aim to wake a little bit early in the morning to tackle the crucial tasks and leave enough time during their afternoon or night.



In addition, if leaving for offline classes or your campus, students can start their life by making as much communication as possible. One of the simplest ways to grow into your college life is by choosing various social groups, Facebook pages, and other social handles. This way, you can expand your network at a tepid pace and land on a safer foot after leaving the university.


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So, here it is. These are some of the most common topics or queries we have collected from our readers and our participants. These points, as we hope, will cater to some or all of your needs and create better opportunities for you in the university. At last, if we have left some other points that you think would be great to add, we are always open to hearing from the young minds!


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