How can Top Admit work so fast?

Our professional procedures ensure that your essay is distributed quickly, and editors are available to focus on your work, and give your essays individual attention.

How do you charge for multiple essays (for different schools)?

To save you money - please highlight specific paragraphs for individual schools and put them together into one essay. Our editors will then edit them for you at the same time, and you will be charged for a single essay.However, please purchase services for each substantially different essay separately. One essay prompt should be treated as one new essay.

What is Essay Premium Editing?

Essay Premium Editing, makes comprehensive correction to your essays. The editors will rearrange entire paragraphs and restructure your essays if necessary. Please note that the edit results vary case by case. Essay Premium Editing also gives you a tailor-made critique that summarizes your strengths and weaknesses, and demonstrates the improvements from your original draft.

Is this a one-time service?

No. We provide a free second edit for you for both Essay Basic and Essay Premium Editing. After we return the first edit, you have an opportunity for a second edit within 7 days of receiving your revised essay. Please note that if you: 1. Increase the word count significantly (more than 200 words), or rewrite the essay, or 2. Add substantive new ideas for different academic fields or different schools into the revised essay, we will have to ask you to purchase another service from us. We provide a free second edit only for the minor changes you made based on the critique your editor offered provided that it is within 200 words.

How do you calculate the Word Count?

Words (not Characters): Under MS Word, go to Tools and check Word Count. The price is charged according to the numbers “before” editing, not after. Also, if you failed to count the word count correctly, we may need to charge you a supplemental fee – so please pay close attention to this.

What is a recommendation letter, and what is a résumé?

A recommendation letter is a letter that clearly depicts the relationship between the referral and the applicant. It contains the time span you know each other and the reason why you are recommending the applicant. Also, you need to include your position and information about your current employment. A résumé should follow a formal chronological résumé format, and contain your educational background, job experience, talent and skills, research experience and publications.

What is the “14-Day Edit” option? Why is there an additional 35% charge for this service?

This is a special service for those who require multiple edits and multiple communications with their editor for a specified time period. In general, we provide one free second edit opportunity for you; however, if you select the “14-Day Edit” while purchasing the service, we will provide 3 additional editing opportunities within 14 days after first edit (each time 200 word maximum). Please note that this service requires a 35% extra charge, and please bear in mind that these edits are for minor changes only. If you need large-scale revisions, we will need you to purchase a different service.

How to track my order if it is delivered to the editors or not

Your essay will be automatically allocated to an editor once it has been uploaded, and will be returned to you within 48 hours.

Can TopAdmit editor shorten my essay?

Yes, please indicate your requirement at the comment tab

It has been more than 48 hours since I have purchased but there is no edited essay, where is it?

Please provide us with your Case ID, we will look into it.

I dont think the background of my current editor suit my needs, can I request for another? Should I pay more?

During this busy time of year, many of our editors are in high demand and so at times their names may occasionally be unavailable when attempting to select them via the “Choose your Editor” dialogue box. The good news, however, is that TopAdmit’s fast turnaround for all essays means that they’ll quickly be available again. If time is pressing, I would encourage you to try one of our other top Ivy-level consultants to edit your important essays, and you have our assurance that you will still be matched with the best person available to help with your case. If your heart is set on XXXXX or XXXXX, however, you can try again in a few hours and there’s a good chance that [his/her] name will be ready for you select once again.

I am applying to multiple schools at the same time, but the overall content of my SOP is identical. What is the more cost effective way for me to have all of my versions edited?

You can collaborate all your essays into one, leaving the identical ones out, and indicate in your work which parts are from other essays via typesetting. In addition, also make sure to leave a comment on the "comment section" to be extra sure.

I am unsatisfied with my edited essay; I demand a refund or another round of edit for free. Which can you offer me?

Please provide us with your Case ID, Managment will investigate the case and offer you a satisfying response

What is the fastest turn around time ? My deadline is within 24 hours

I'm afraid our fastest turnaround time is 24 hours.

Can you edit my SOP that is unfinished?

No, we do not offer wrting services as that would lead to plagiarism and is against our rules.

What is the price for multiple essays? Would it be cheaper to submit them all at once?

Submitting your essay separately or together would not affect the price, as we charge by word count.

What is the price for brainstorming sessions/ interview practice?

For 350$ , you get an hours times of brainstorming sessions/ interview practice, which comes with a recorded version of it as well as an outline based on the session.

Can I combine my essays into one?

I’m afraid our consultants can’t accept more than one essay combined as one, as the nature of our service is that we look at each essay prompt and give you tailored advice on how to answer that school and prompt’s question. Not only does this provide you with the most professional, native-level quality but you also receive a full page of advice and critique from an Ivy-level consultant on how best to present yourself. Regarding your editor’s background, after you create your account and upload your essays, you’ll be presented with a detailed questionnaire on your target school and background that will match you with the most suitable consultant to edit your case. We can’t guarantee that a particular consultant will have exactly the same background as yours, but you do have our strong assurance that our editors are very experienced advisors with masters level degrees and above, and they are certain to have advised many candidates with similar backgrounds in the past. We do sincerely appreciate your considering our services for your important admissions essays, and if I can answer any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Can I have my work edited first, then pay?

Due to the quick turnaround of our services (typically 48 hours) we are unable to offer that option.

Do you offer the translation service? Do you have Japanese - English?

We do offer translation services - from any language to English.

Do you offer free sample edit or proofreading?

Please take a look here for our free samples : http://www.topadmit.com/en/mba-essay-samples

Will the essay be returned in exact the time show on the order or it might get the chance to be returned a little bit earlier?

Your essay might be returned early, but rest assured that it will not exceed 48 hours after payment has been issued.