College Recommendation Letter Editing

College Recommendation Letter Editing

Professional editors emphasize your personality and achievements in the college recommendation letter and help you stand out of the crowd of applicants.

  • Our editing service includes grammar and spelling check, changes in sentence fluency, word use, structure and logic.
  • You will additionally receive an insightful critique of your admissions recommendation letter draft.
  • The importance of your college or graduate school admissions recommendation letters is enormous. The recommendation letter is the only document in your application materials that provides an independent view of your ability. It should be objective and provide an insightful, qualitative and quantitative assessment of your personality and achievements. For those who have finished their admissions recommendation letter, college recommendation letter, or MBA recommendation letter drafts and need significant and extensive improvements and advice from our editors.
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About the service
  • TopAdmit will try to distribute your recommendation letter to editors with similar disciplinary backgrounds to your own. If there is no editor with a similar background, we will assign the editor with the highest customer ratings to you to help ensure that you receive the highest quality editing.
  • Recommendation letters support your application essays as well; the recommendation letter needs to echo the abilities and achievements listed in your Statements of Purpose or essays from a third person perspective.
  • TopAdmit will try to distribute your recommendation(s) to the editors who share the most similar background. Editors will make large-scale revisions including improving sentence structure and logic. The editor also may restructure the order of your recommendation letter to be most effective and to fit standard formatting. An overall critique will be provided of your recommendation (language and ideas). You have the option of selecting the “Track Changes” function.
  • It will be most helpful to the TopAdmit editors if you can provide the specific and detailed information about the relationship between you and the person making the recommendation, and why the person feels strong enough about your candidacy to make the recommendation.
  • For MBA or college recommendation letters, please make sure to download the correct recommendation forms from different schools, which might contain many questions for the recommender regarding applicants’ qualifications. Please make sure your recommender will answer each question with specific and detailed answers. As most recommenders are very busy, those answers do not have to be very well-structured; TopAdmit can help edit to ensure they are well-written and persuasive, so that they are clear and understandable to the MBA admissions committee.
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  • Second Edit Guidelines:
    1. After we return your first edit, you can modify your recommendation letter (within 200 words) by using Track Changes for a free second edit opportunity within 7 days.
    2. The second edit is not applicable for adding additional schools, information, or completely rewritten letters, as the word count needs to be identical to the original service that was purchased.
    3. Second edit turnaround: 24-48 hours.

Work Process
Register and fill in your information.
Upload your files and complete payment.
The TopAdmit editor will return the essay within the specified timeframe.
Upload your revised essay -- if you want one additional edit.
Case closes, and you have an opportunity to rate your editor.

Required time

48 hours is standard; there is an extra 50% charge for 24-hour service.

Words (See Right Table) Fee (USD) Word Count
0 - 300 words $ 89

MS Word 2003: Word → Tools → Word Count

MS Word 2007: Word → Review → Proofing →
301 – 600 words $ 179
601 – 900 words $ 269
901 - 1200 words $ 359
1201 - 1500 words $ 449
1501 - 2000 words $ 599
2001 - 2500 words $ 749
2501 - 3000 words $ 899
3001 - 4000 words $ 1199