Become an Ambassador

About the program:

The TopAdmit Campus Ambassador (TACA) visionary program directly supports its aspirations by promoting the high quality and easy accessibility of TopAdmit’s online essay editing service. This is more than just an internship, it is an opportunity to develop and grow as an individual while adding an prodigious resume line.

The TACAs are highly educated students worldwide whose future dream is to study or live abroad, and to help their peers succeed. They understand the application process for undergraduate and graduate programs in the United States, and the hardship applicants’ face when trying to compose an honest and convincing essay. The TACA program provides students with opportunities to improve their essay writing and editing skills, as well as a platform to interact with like-minded individuals.

We are now looking forward to welcoming you into our TACA family, and we will assist you with our company’s logoed stickers, business cards with your personal reference numbers, brochures and pens. The application is on a rolling basis, and we will contact you shortly about your application result.


  • Bring in at least five new customers every school year. Note: One counts as a customer when one uses our services.
  • Invite friends to “like” our Facebook page and join our Facebook group
  • Learn about the program through online training materials and be updated with any available or new information
  • Promote the service via social media and social network (WeChat, Facebook)
  • Participate with in-house training
  • Help host on campus events, including being a member of staff at a conference, and organizing venues (note: we normally host only one to two events every year in Taiwan)
  • Promote the service to undergraduate students and friends who need an essay editing service
  • Understand TopAdmit’s wide-range and high-quality of the essay editing service


You earn a 10% commission fee (a.k.a. cash wired to your bank account or paid through PayPal), for every dollar your customers spends on our service. For example, when five of your customers spend a total of $1000 USD, you will earn $100 USD cash. Alternatively, you can choose to earn "credits" from a 20% commission for every dollar you attract, and turn the "credits" into a free quality-ensured essay editing service. You pick which types of service you want and decide as and when to use them, while keeping these free services on hold until you need us! Other benefits include:

  • Work with experts in undergraduate and graduate program applications and learn insights about how to succeed in writing application essays, resumes, a personal statement, SOP, etc.
  • Gain not only start up experience, but also practical sales and marketing experience
  • Access to a network of like-minded Campus Ambassadors around the world
  • Expand your professional network with professional essay editors and notable scholars.
  • Get a potential for onsite internship or becoming a freelance editor and/or translator (BizEditors)
  • Hone your real-world skills like problem-solving, public speaking, and communication.
  • Earn a chance to receive a recommendation for any future job applications


  • Undergraduates or graduate students with any major or program of study may apply.
  • Commitment to work on campus for a minimum of one school year. Note: The peak season of this business is around September to March the next year.


  • Strong interpersonal skills: Energetic, outgoing relationship-building aptitudes are a must
  • Community minded: strong desire to work in a team to support student success
  • Excellent written, oral, and communication skills, including public speaking
  • High achievement: recognition for excellence in a college and/or work environment
  • Self-motivated, curious and proactive: ability to create and manage an independent project with limited supervision
  • Technological proficiency: Understanding of, and interest in, social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, PTT, etc.); basic understanding of software applications including MS Office, including Word and Excel
  • Proven leadership skills is a plus

Past Customers:

Welcome back! Thank you for your continued support and for the confidence that you have placed in us. We would like to assure you that we do not take your support for granted.

We are pleased that you are interested in helping us to take this promotion campaign to the next level! Now, it is easier than it has ever been to introduce our wonderful and high-quality service, that you have already approved to your friends, and have reaped the enormous benefits. Log in (forgot your password? Please click here to reset your password) and you will then find a “Get a bonus from us”.

You may also apply to become a Campus Ambassador!

More about TopAdmit:

TopAdmit was founded in 2005 at the Stanford Graduate School of Business library. Its goal was to provide more resources to students in the United States, or English-speaking international students who had limited access to college application counseling resources. In addition, TopAdmit wanted to assist international students to not only write precisely, but also to effectively be able to clearly express themselves. We wished to give talented young people equal opportunities in obtaining the best education by allowing them to effectively convey their achievements.

After many years of experience helping over a hundred thousand students, TopAdmit won the 2013 Internet Innovation Competition in Tokyo, and is now one of the most prestigious essay editing services in the world. Under the aegis of the WritePath Group, and supported by well-known financial institutions, TopAdmit now provides professional essay editing services for undergraduate, MBA, and postgraduate students including Ph.D. students worldwide. The voice is still yours, but we ensure your writing meets its fullest potential. If you are now buried under your application essays and need help to gain admission to the college of your choice, TopAdmit is here to help you become the best you can be.

How to Apply:

To apply, please send your résume with a cover letter to, email title: [Name - Location] Apply for Campus Ambassador Program.