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Whether it is in the field of law, engineering, international affairs, business, or technology – it is becoming increasingly important to have international experience, a unique personal background, and strong English language skills. Schools in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, and Southeast Asia have excellent reputations, but most international rating organizations rank schools in the United States and British Commonwealth Countries (Britain, Canada, Australia & Ireland) as the best in the world. Whether you are an American or British student studying in your own country, or an international student studying abroad – an elite world-class education is increasingly necessary in a competitive global environment.

While schools like Harvard University, Yale University, the University of California-Berkeley and Stanford University are recognized globally for their research, quality education, and alumni network -- they are also the world’s most selective institutions. These schools receive thousands of applications from American students as well as international students from diverse backgrounds around the world; most importantly, they often accept less than 9 percent of these applicants. TopAdmit Consulting, which features elite online editors, was founded for the specific purpose of helping you achieve your dreams by gaining entrance into an elite school of your choice.

American and British Universities Want Foreign Students!

Schools in the United States, Britain, and Canada, are actively attempting to attract talented high school or college students for their four-year colleges or post-graduate programs (MS, MA, MBA, or Ph.D.). Why would American, UK or Canadian schools want students from China, Japan, India, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Taiwan? The answer is simple. By accepting you, the school promotes ethnic, cultural and academic diversity. In addition, elite schools such as the Ivy League colleges like to boast they have the “best students in the world” – part of that equation is admitting foreign students. For an American or British student, you also have the challenge of showing how you would add to the diversity of the campus; you may not be from a foreign country, but you also have a dynamic background, unique perspective, and culturally diverse experiences that must be featured. It is true that admissions committees spend a lot of time evaluating student qualifications, SAT scores, AP scores, personal essays, and IB exams among other factors. Yet, getting into a prestigious college is not as hard as most people might think as long as you have the right strategy to package yourself as a candidate; you also need admissions essay help from experts familiar with the process.

American and British universities are also struggling to find qualified students in several specific fields like physics, astronomy, chemistry and computer science. This is a serious problem for these institutions as their research grants rely on graduate student assistants to help professors with their research. Shortages in some disciplines have given universities even greater incentives to find non-traditional students elsewhere – especially from foreign countries.

The College Admissions Essay

Whether it is GPA, Test Scores, or Class Rank -- the application process produces a lot of “data” about an applicant. However there are other qualities important to success like leadership, creativity, initiative, passion, and commitment. These qualities cannot be measured by test data – but can only be demonstrated through the personal statement. This is the reason college admissions essay is so critical – the personal statement is the one element of the application process that is really about you; it describes what makes you a unique and interesting candidate that is different from all the other applicants. To the admissions committee, the personal statement makes you more than just a number.

Unfortunately, writing the personal statement is often the most overwhelming part of the application process, especially for foreign students. Imagine writing a book about your life that features your accomplishments, interests, goals, dreams, philosophy and passion; then you are told that you have to reduce this book to no more than 750 words. Where do you start? Which information do you choose? What do you leave out? These are all critical decisions. Unfortunately, the job of an admissions committee member is not easy. They must read hundreds of essays – maybe thousands and make important decisions in a short period of time. To be noticed during the hectic admissions process you must write a unique, original, and interesting essay that stands out among all the rest.

Having a unique and interesting story is not the only factor contributing to a perfect essay. The competitive nature of the admissions process demands that your essay have near perfect grammar and sentence construction. Disorganized sentences, wrong word usage, poor grammar, spelling errors, and a non-specific essay with general statements may equate to an automatic rejection. Admissions committee members simply do not have the time or patience for an essay that is not well written.

The TopAdmit Advantage

TopAdmit Consulting was founded for the specific purpose of giving opportunities for international students to study abroad – yet our superior services and elite editors have created a demand for our products by American, Canadian, and British students as well. Because it is based in the United States, China and Taiwan – TopAdmit Consulting is knowledgeable about the world educational systems, military service, and other cultural differences that need to be explained to American and British admissions committee members.

Despite its success, TopAdmit Consulting continues to have an elite team-oriented work environment that is very selective in the editors it hires. TopAdmit provides individual attention and service not found with traditional editing services. Our managing editor, Jack McDermott, is a graduate from Harvard University, and many of our other editors have Ivy League educations, and are professional writers, book authors, and speechwriters.

TopAdmit Consulting offers a variety of services including assistance with personal statements, recommendations, resumes, research papers, and scholarship applications. We will help you improve your writing organization, vocabulary, word usage, transition sentences, and grammar. However, we never forget the most important element of an admissions essay – it is a story --- a story about you! This story needs to be profound and engaging and ultimately make the admissions committee stop and say, “Wow … I want to admit this applicant to my university!” With our help you could be the next “TopAdmit” to an elite university.