Comparing essay editors: TopAdmit and Essay Edge Comparison

For four consecutive years (2009-2013), an independent study reported about the best online editing services for college and high school students. The result showed TopAdmit ranked #1 among other online editing services in the world.

TopAdmit has an overall score of 89 according to the study. Below is the detailed scoring chart. (Scores range from 1 to 20 in each category, 20 being the highest)

Company Price Quality of editing Admission result Website Interface (user-friendly) Customer Support Total
TopAdmit 17 18 18 17 19 89
Essay Edge 15 20 19 16 18 88
*** Write 16 17 16 15 17 81
*** Essay 16 13 15 16 17 77
*** Apply 17 13 15 16 14 75

TopAdmit Advantages:

Compared item TopAdmit Essay Edge TopAdmit advantages
Pricing (based on the same service) $179 (Premium Editing Service 1200 Words) $199 (Standard Service 1200 Words) TopAdmit is 10% cheaper
Subjects / Professional Fields Experts in more than 60 subjects, including business, computer, education, engineering, law, medical and many more Focus more on English improvement TopAdmit gives their customers more options based on their choice of professional fields
Customer Support Customer support in the US, China, Taiwan, and Japan Only in the USA 24/7 customer support globally
Other Language Support Support English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Thai, and others Only Support English TopAdmit offers multiple languages
Pay System Support Support Alipay and Union Pay Only credit card TopAdmit offers more payment options

Why choose TopAdmit:

Compared with EssayEdge, TopAdmit offers higher quality, but lower price services to their customers; TopAdmit also offers more language supports, more pay system supports and 24/7 customer service support.

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