Translate your college application documents into English

Translate your college application documents into English

A professional native translator translates your essay, and an experienced editor (from a prestigious school like Harvard) edits the translated English version of your essay.

  • The four-eyes principle (a translator + an editor) guarantees a perfect result.
  • The editing part includes grammar and spelling check, changes in sentence fluency, word use, structure and logic.
  • For applicants who have already written a personal statement, recommendation letter or resume in their mother language and wish to translate their application documents into English.
  • Supported languages are: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese.
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About the service
  • TopAdmit will try to distribute your essays to editors with similar disciplinary backgrounds to your own. If there is no editor with a similar background, we will assign the editor with the highest customer ratings to you to help ensure that you receive the highest quality editing.
  • Our editors will make large-scale revisions, which will include improving sentence fluency, logic, and restructuring the essay to better express the applicant’s unique qualities. We will also help strengthen its narrative.
  • An overall critique of your essay will not be provided. You may purchase your essay critique separately.
  • Please highlight paragraphs according to different schools (e.g. school uniqueness, professor teaching specialty, or consistency with your background), so that the editor can edit all at once and the fee can be combined. (Different paragraphs according to different schools )
  • Please purchase services for each substantially different essay separately. One essay prompt should be treated as one new essay.
  • Please separately purchase the services for each essay that is substantially different.
  • A second edit is not included in this translation service, however you may directly communicate with your editor through our system to make adjustments.

Work Process
Register and fill in your information.
Upload your files and complete payment.
The TopAdmit translator and editor will return the essay within the specified timeframe.
Directly communicate with the editor, if you want to make adjustments to the document.
Case closes, and you have an opportunity to rate your editor.

Required time

Max. 48 hours for essays below 1,000 words
Max. 96 hours for essays over 1,000 words


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