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Positive feedback from our customers encourages us to work harder to maintain our high-quality standards. What follows are great testimonials from our customers, who purchased the MBA essay editing services.  

TopAdmit customer feedback - John Tyler

"The essay editing was great and flawless. John made my essay sounds much more powerful and positive and the work was finished way ahead of time. Also, the sheet that analyzes the draft version of the essay and gives some insights about the final version is an awesome tool. I'm completely satisfied with the service!" 

TopAdmit customer feedback Franklyn

Mr. Franklyn Vardon Ayensu is extremely gorgeous and professional. There is no word that can describe my gratefulness to him. I love every word he edited!! If there is a ten-star rating, I will definitely give him a ten-star rating. His outstanding help are as follows:

1. Outperformed professional advice rather than simply being a native speaker. I understand that there are millions of English native speakers, but what Franklyn has helped me far exceeds what a regular native speaker does. He has sharp insight and very logical way of writing. I was viewed as a person who is excellent at English writing, compared with most of my local peers; however, what Franklyn has helped me makes my writing not only good but also very impressive and touching.

2. He knows that “MBA style” so well. Though I have never met him, it seems that he has known me and my story for 20 years, and he knows how to present it in an effective “MBA way”. The story he helped edited is so “me”, and it clearly and perfectly helped presented what I want to say to the admission office.

3. Very prompt reply. I received Franklyn’s reply within only 6 hours. What is more important, he has provided very detailed critiques including the reason why he made some changes. Very impressive and logic. I learned a lot from his comment. I have already recommended Topadmit and Franklyn to my friend, and will surely make more recommendations to my peers who pursue MBA programs. Last but not least, thank you, Franklyn!!

Thank you to all customers for their great feedback to our editors. Why not try out our editing service today?

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