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Meet our editors

Mufeeda Maksood Mufeeda Maksood is a graduate engineer specializing in Built Environment. Throughout her academic career, she has achieved multiple awards and accolades from various international bodies like the Institute of Civil Engineers for outstanding performance. . Mufeeda is proficient in English language and grammar, having produced excellent academic reports. Though qualified for professional employment in leading companies, currently she is looking to explore her creative side, allowing a break from the technical field. Mufeeda enjoys reading detective, crime and mystery novels, and has been an avid reader since a young age. Mufeeda is also passionate about Do-It-Yourself projects, and art and craft.

Cynthia C. Cynthia C. recently graduated from MIT this past spring and is currently back in her home town as a medical student at Columbia University in New York City. She studied Biology at MIT and was heavily involved in cancer research, as well as community health advocacy in inner city Boston. She has traveled to China several times in recent years to conduct various service projects, including promotion of HIV/AIDS awareness in rural Anhui as well as an educational leadership program in Beijing. In her free time, Cynthia enjoys backpacking, getting lost in cities, and experimenting with new delicacies.

Expertise: Medicine, Biology, English, Academic Research

Lauren Schwahn Lauren S. has really enjoyed growing up in such an exciting and diverse city. She loves food, animals, and traveling. Lauren received her Bachelor of Arts degree in history from the University of California Santa Cruz. I loved doing research and learning about past events from all over the world. While studying at UCSC, she also worked as a fact checker and copy editor for the campus newspaper. Laruen is looking forward to using her previous experience to help other people write as clearly and accurately as possible.

Benjamin V. Benjamin V. is a substitute teacher and freelance editor/writer from Phoenix, Arizona. He recently completed his graduate work in English Literature at California State University Fullerton. He has works of creative fiction, poetry, investigative journalism, and book reviews published in multiple publications.

Expertise: English, Writing, Communications, Education

David L. David L. is an M.Phil. graduate of Cambridge's History and Philosophy of Science program, and an alumni of the Gates-Cambridge and Fulbright programs. Over the past few years he has helped hundreds of students (through GlobalStudy.PL, Fiverr, and personal clients) with essay writing for college, law, medicine and scholarship admissions.

Expertise: History, Philosophy, Arts, English, Law, Medicine