FAQ - phí & thanh toán

How can Top Admit offer a preferential price for our services?

Understanding that you will be charged a significant amount to study abroad -- Top Admit’s business model is to make our services as inexpensive as possible. The majority of your payments go directly to paying our editors.

How do I proceed with making my payment?

You will be directed to the PayPal page to proceed with your transaction. This is the most secure server software in the world. You can choose to pay by credit card or through your PayPal account.

Is it safe to pay by credit card?

These transactions are secured using licensed secure server software provided by PayPal, which encrypts the information you provide. We will not disclose your information unless we are under relevant legal investigation by the government. Please check our Privacy Policy for details.

What is Coupon Code for?

We will distribute coupons as part of our promotions during certain times of the year. You can find these coupons online or through other marketing channels (forums and blogs, for instance). You can then enter the coupon code under coupon deducted amount during check out, and enjoy an 8-20% discount (varies from time to time) from your purchase.

Can I have higher value voucher code?

Let me consult with Management to see if we can help you with that.

How much do you charge?

We charge by word count, which includes punctuation and spaces.Therfore please check with Microsoft Word's "Word Count" function before submitting

I havent received confirmation on my payment, what to do?

The system generally takes a while to go through, if you still havent reieved confirmation after waiting, please provide us with your payment details( ie paypal account) for the finance department to investigate, much appreciated!

How much does it cost to edit an essay (900 words)?

We charge by word count, thus for TopAdmit's Premium Essay Editing services, a 900 worded essay would cost 179$. You will receive a detailed edit with a page long critique of your work. You can also check here for a detailed list of our pricings. http://www.topadmit.com/en/pricing