FAQ - giao diện

When will I have my essays returned to me?

We will return your essays according to the required deadline. If there is a delay, please contact us at service@topadmit.com. Due to high-volume periods, and editor availability -- we encourage you to submit your essays early before your deadlines approach.

What is Track Changes?

When you make your purchase, the system will ask whether you want Track Changes or not. Track Changes is a function MS Word provides. When this feature is used, you will see all of the edits made by your editor to allow you to view all changes he/she makes from the original text. Once you receive the draft you will need to select “accept changes” to have the editors additions/deletions fully integrated into your essay. Under MS Word, go to Tools-> Track Changes to use this function. See FAQ for details. However, we do not suggest you using this function for Essay Premium Editing service. Because Essay Premium Editing provides overall, large-scale revisions -- using Track Changes might cause disorderliness, and therefore, may not be very useful.

How do I submit my files?

Under each service page, there will be a BUY NOW icon on the bottom right. Click on it and follow the instructions to upload your files. After you succeed in making your payment, our system will automatically distribute your files to our editors. You could also click on BUY NOW on our front page to proceed with a purchase.

How can I contact you?

The best way to contact us is via email. Click on Contact Us, and send your request to the designated email address. We will check our in box on a daily basis and reply to your request as soon as possible.

How do I rate the editors and what are the criteria?

After we return your essays, you will have the opportunity to rate your editor’s work under Purchased Services after you log in. Please note the ranking scale is from 1 to 5 (5 being the highest). Your feedback is important to the editors and to Top Admit Consulting. We hope (and expect) that you will rank the majority of our editors with an “excellent.”

Can I use doc format files to upload to the system?

No, Top Admit system only accepts docx. files. If you have a doc. file, just simply save as another file by choosing the file type as "word document" (shown in the picture below), and the newly saved file will be docx.

What should I upload to the referral document page?

You can upload your CV/Letter of recommendation or any documents to help our editor know about you in order to edit your essay efficiently

How to cancel my order?

Please provide us with your Case ID, we will proceed to cancel your order. However, can I inquire why you would like to cancel your order?

If we can work in the weekend, for the 24h or 48h editing

Yes we work during weekend. we know all your essays are urgent and important – we work on essays all year round, except for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and for some specific periods when the system is under maintenance.