Service Subjects

Business / Finance

Business Schools (B-Schools) offer an extremely competitive atmosphere for overseas applicants and are often divided into Master of Marketing, Finance, or Accounting programs and the traditional Master of Business Administration (MBA). B-Schools cover subjects such as Marketing, General Management, Public Relations, International Business, Organizational Management, Finance and Accounting. B-School applicants, or other business related applicants should be aware that United States/British/Canadian schools prefer to teach business knowledge using case studies in a collaborative team environment.

Applicants should do more than merely present their credentials, they must also express personal insights, creativity, unique viewpoints, and their experiences to demonstrate comprehensive business knowledge in real-world industries. Diversity is another element that is emphasized, as well as the ability to incorporate business ethics. TopAdmit has previously assisted many students to gain admissions to elite B-Schools including Northwestern University, New York University and the University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign.

Computer / Information

As American students have fallen behind internationally in math & science – openings in graduate IT schools have created opportunities for international students. For these applications, work experience and professional skills attract more attention than the essay (although the essay can be used to illustrate these qualifications). Applicants should clearly explain previous work or R&D related experience and mention self-development including knowledge of programming software, web coding language or other IT skills such as network and communications abilities.

The IT graduate application essay should match the applicant’s individual career goals and interests with the facilities and research conducted by that specific university. Although Information Technology and Computer Programming have traditionally focused on individual skills -- schools are increasingly asking for evidence that individuals can work well with others in a team environment. TopAdmit has previously assisted many students to gain admission to such elite IT programs as Stanford University, Carnegie-Mellon University, UC-San Diego, and Purdue University.

Law / Policy

Most law schools are divided into two programs: the Juris Doctor (J.D.) is the standard law degree, and Master of Law (LL.M.) – which is an advanced degree in the United States. Depending on the program, international students with a law degree can usually apply to either the J.D. program or the LL.M. program. However, those without a law degree are usually required to apply to the J.D. program only. While J.D. applicants can show a general interest in law, the LL.M. program (advanced degree) generally requires a specialization. Some legal fields include tax law, labor law, patent law, intellectual property law, corporate law, environmental law, international law and treaties, and family law.

Applicants for law schools need to show considerable depth of knowledge; studies in political science, international affairs, economics, business or pre-law are generally preferred. Applicants also have to demonstrate good writing abilities and good analytical abilities. Applicants should clearly demonstrate how they plan to use their legal education including plans for future employment, future legal issues they intend to study, or even future clients they intend to represent. TopAdmit has helped numerous students gain admission into elite law school programs all over the U.S., Britain and Canada.

Science / Math

There are tremendous opportunities in the traditional “hard” math and sciences in the United States, Britain and Canada. These areas of expertise include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics. The applicants must exhibit a personal interest in their studies and demonstrate a professional level of performance and discipline. A solid academic foundation, long-term subject focus, and in-depth experimental study examples are also important.

The admissions committee will also be impressed with a specific research interest, a description of research results, and even published research results and examples of presenting research findings to an academic community. The applicant must precisely express potential research problems using professional terminology with an understanding of current research in this field. Conveying this professional knowledge, interest, and creativity in English is especially important. TopAdmit’s advisors have helped applicants craft compelling essays to gain admission to Harvard University, Princeton University, MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), Stanford University, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Education / Curriculum

The field of Education not only influences the individual, but also has the potential to transform society. Graduate level education programs often feature pedagogy from an American/British/Canadian perspective, and are interested in adding diversity through international students. Although classroom teaching can be important, graduate level education programs tend to focus on theoretical models and specialization. Students applying for this field may need to select a specialty such as Gifted Students, Special Education, Curriculum Design, Educational Leadership, or Educational Administration.

Past classroom teaching experience, and expected future career aspirations will also be critical to express in English in the essay. Education programs differ greatly, and the application should be matched to the specific school. Some schools focus on teaching experience, others rely on lecture format, while others require an individual research/social science type projects. TopAdmit recommends that students really research the specific schools and programs, and tailor the essays to meet the expectations of the school. Over the years, TopAdmit editors have helped applicants gain admission to such elite teaching schools as Harvard University and the Teacher’s College at Columbia University.

Literature / Humanities

Humanities and Social Sciences are very general programs. Students often have a certain passion for the field – or often, intend to use their program to enter academia. Since American/British/Canadian students continue to be drawn to these fields – it is essential for overseas students to demonstrate unique insights and diversity. Each program is unique, and tends to focus on the individual interests of professors on staff. Therefore, applicants should know more than simply the schools’ interests, but also be familiar with the professors’ published work.

Applicants with attractive essays often show a clear understanding of the current research, and develop the applicant’s own ideas as to how they could contribute to ongoing research at the university. Because “writing” is critical for these disciplines, it is essential that students demonstrate clear writing in their personal admissions essays. It must show the applicant’s passion, interests, and future career goals. TopAdmit has assisted numerous applicants to gain admission to such internationally famous schools as the University of Chicago and the University of Pennsylvania.

Medical / Healthcare

The goal of medical schools and healthcare administration schools has been shifting from a pure focus on the sciences to a cultivation of professional staffs for medicine, nursing and health policy consultants. Hospital internships, charity work, and involvement with community health initiatives can be very important.

An attractive essay must express the applicants past qualifications and abilities to handle the coursework, but also must stress interpersonal skills and real-world experiences. It is best to focus the admissions essays on unique experiences, specific people, or specific diseases that you wish to address and that have some connection to you personally either in your life or through your work experience. Interpersonal skills, management skills, and leadership skills are also important especially given the collaborative modern medical work environment. One of TopAdmit’s chief editors is currently serving in a teaching hospital, and has assisted applicants to gain admission to schools such as Johns Hopkins University and Harvard University.

Psychology / Counseling

Although sometimes considered part of the “medical field” or even the humanities – psychology is unique, and continues to be a growing discipline. Some areas of study include mental illness, work-related stress, anxiety, depression, sexual health, and mental well-being. Some sub-fields of psychology include child psychology, the psychology of learning, psychological counseling, theories of personality, sensation and perception, social psychology, and abnormal psychology.

Psychology applicants need to demonstrate a good balance between interpersonal skills to work with clients, as well as the aptitude to understand scientific concepts, including the ability to conduct research. A personal essay must demonstrate maturity, experience, passion and motives, and a commitment to help others. It is best to learn about the program, and the on-going research of the schools’ staff to ensure your application is consistent with the interests of the school. In the past few years, TopAdmit editors have helped students gain admission to such illustrious schools as Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University, and Boston University.

Journalism / Media

Media studies can encompass traditional print journalism, on-line media, video production (television), and a blending of all of these formats. Whether you just graduated, or are already a journalist (anchor or reporter), you must be aware of the rapid changes in this field, and the impact of technology. Not only will you need to demonstrate professional objectivity, but also the applicant should show the ability to communicate clearly in writing or in person (television).

English language skills are a necessity, and a well-written admissions essay (and grammatically correct essay) is expected. However, in addition to having the requisite skills, media professionals must have other intangible characteristics like creativity, and storytelling abilities. Poorly written essays or materials may equate to an automatic rejection, as good writing skills are precisely what is required of this profession. TopAdmit editors have helped many applicants gain admission to the school of their choice, which have included Princeton University, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Social Work

Although academic knowledge of social work is important – this alone cannot help you gain acceptance into a Master of Social Work (MSW) program. An applicant must be a dedicated public servant and have specific work experience with community programs or social welfare agencies. However, schools want more than a significant resume – they want applicants with vision that are looking to help identify and solve societal problems.

The applicant’s essay should demonstrate subtle social observation, abilities to integrate social problems with other parts of society (the justice system, educational system, economic system), and have the ability for comprehensive thought and proposed solutions. It can be very powerful if the applicant has identified a unique social phenomenon that creates a silent disadvantage group – that is not currently recognized or being served. TopAdmit has assisted many applicants to gain admission to the university of their choice, including the University of Washington in St. Louis and the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (full scholarship prize).

Sports / Hotel Management

Hotel Management, Sports Management and other Hospitality profession applicants need to demonstrate leadership abilities, organizational abilities, management abilities, and a passion for helping others. Personal motivation and relevant work experience must be demonstrated clearly to convince the Admissions Committee about the applicant’s interest.

Good admissions essays often see the applicant developing a narrative that describes their passion, their leadership, and their ability to organize events. Extracurricular activities whether it be organizing conferences, rock concerts, athletic competitions, or presentations are also important. An understanding of marketing and business concepts and integrating this into your story will also be helpful. Because most students are Americans, this creates a unique opportunity for overseas students who can add diversity to the program by showing experience and a unique understanding of this industry from a foreign perspective (i.e., how to market a taekwondo star from China or Taiwan or using Asian religious sites as attractions for the hotel industry).

Art / Architecture

Broadly defined as “the arts” --- this field relies on an applicant’s creativity, personal abilities, cultural background, and unique perspectives. Although the admissions essay can be critical in communicating the applicant’s ideas, insights, and experience – often these applications require a supplemental portion that may include a portfolio or audition.

A Statement of Purpose that integrates the applicant’s passion, unique background, and examples of artistic expression fluently and interestingly can encourage the admissions committees to offer admission or even a full scholarship. The essay needs to be more than a well-written essay, but also accurately express abstract ideas to enlighten the audience. TopAdmit has assisted applicants in gaining admission to Harvard University, the University of Rochester, the New York Institute of Fashion Design FIT, Indiana University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison among other examples.


Although there are general engineering programs – the shift in U.S./British/Canadian graduate schools has been to specialization. Usually, the applicant needs to show evidence of abilities and the requisite enthusiasm for a specific field within engineering as well as share their career aspirations. Some examples of engineering fields include Electrical Engineering in VLSI, IC, or design, Mechanical Engineering and/or Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Industrial Engineering, Operations Research, Production Management, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Transport Phenomena, or Unit Operation.

Rather than give lists of your skills, classes, and experiences – instead use a narrative about the problems you wish to solve, ideas your have for the future, or unique problems in your field. Your skills and abilities should be integrated as “evidence” with your main story or inspiration. By using this approach, the admissions committee will see your potential and enthusiasm, learning attitude, and your values. Remember: technology is always connected to people. Using TopAdmit’s advice, some of our students have gain admission to MIT (The Massachusetts Institute of Technology) with a full scholarship, the University of California at Berkeley, and the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.