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Thinking about Studying Abroad? Dr. Lee Kai-Fu Shares Six Must-Read Tips!

Presented by the CEO of Top Admit, the world-class education consulting service, we are pleased to present this Expert Interview Series

In today's video, we visit with Dr. Lee Kai-Fu, CEO of Innovation Works. In addition to his current role, Dr. Lee previously served as a high-technology executive at Apple, SGI, Microsoft, and Google. As a prominent figure and as one of the most-followed opinion leaders in entrepreneurship, he has dedicated considerable time to mentoring many up-and-coming protégés.

We are thus very fortunate to listen in on the thoughts he now shares regarding the important topic of studying abroad. In these three videos, he offers his insight on the study abroad experience, how his life was personally transformed in this way, and even his own two daughters' recent journeys as they applied for Columbia University.

Many youngsters are not sure about their future plans and often wonder whether it is worthwhile to study abroad. Sometimes they do not know what to prepare in order to be admitted to a dream school. What kind of mindset should they have while living abroad, in order to make the best use of the experience? Many want to make an effort for their futures but do not know where to start. For those who are still lost and not sure, check this video out. Dr. Lee's insights can shed some light.

Dr. Lee believes the experience of studying abroad can positively influence a person's life. In the realm of education consulting and essay editing, Top Admit has consistently excelled.

So remember, you should prepare your application yourself, and write your own SOP and essays. When you need editing, though, come to Top Admit!

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Dr. Kai-Fu Lee - How to learn the American way of thinking? Blend in. (1)

Dr. Kai-Fu Lee - Dr. Lee shares 6 secret tips to apply your dream schools. (2)

Dr. Kai-Fu Lee - What is the value of study aboard? Become irreplaceable for the future! (3)


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